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Virtual is different, it doesn't have to be difficult.


Facilitate online meetings that get everyone talking.
Build trust with people you don't see everyday.
Increase visibility and productivity for you and your team.
Maximize the value of your online workplace.
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Introductory Consultation

Can you benefit from virtual effectiveness consulting? Once we understand your team a little better and what your goals are then we can tell you how virtual effectiveness can help you achieve those goals. First consultation (up to 90 minutes), no charge.

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Support in Action

Sometimes you feel like you've got it almost right, or, like everyone's got it right but you. Whatever it is, whether it's you or your whole team, we'd love to observe you in action and help guide how you can make changes to improve your overall productivity and effectiveness in the virtual workplace.

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Classes & Workshops

Classes and workshops cover fundamental differences between the virtual and face-to-face workplaces. Depending on what your needs are, we can also cover topics such as effective online meetings, team building, visibility, team norms, communication, recognition, engagement, facilitation, feedback, and more.


Online Learning Design & Facilitation

Whether you're new to online classroom design and/or facilitation or you're looking to improve your performance with new ideas, activities, and approaches, we can work together to achieve the change you're looking to implement. Workshops, observation, coaching - your choice. Engagement is just around the corner!

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