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It's been a pleasure to work with all of my clients. Here's just a few...
Canadian Credit Union Association
Harbinger SCR
Janon Hamel Coaching
Julie Hamilton & Associates
PEAK Grantmaking
Sault Area Hospital
Southern New Hampshire University GEM
University of Victoria
Gustavson School of Business
Yukon Dep't of Economic Development

Lynette Van Steinburg

Virtual Effectiveness Driver



I am constantly surprised by the number of people who complain about virtual meetings, teams, communications, etc. but who are unaware (or unwilling to admit) that changing their behaviour can change their experience. Virtual interactions don't have to be difficult, but they definitely require a different approach than face-to-face to be successful. I am passionate about helping people improve their virtual experiences one person, one team and/or one organization at a time.


I have worked in the sphere of corporate learning, leadership, and transformation since 1997. I have experience in leadership, project management, instructional design, development, change management, quality assurance, organizational development, communications and business transformation. My entire career has included participation in, or leadership of, one or more virtual teams.


In my career I have been fortunate to work with clients like Nike, T-Mobile, CN, BC Hydro, Alpha Technologies, and other world-class organizations in bringing excellence and thoughtfulness to their corporate landscape during times of change.


I have driven successful innovation and culture change at companies like BusinessObjects/SAP and TELUS by driving transformation through evolving leadership philosophy, learning programs, and virtual collaboration tools and initiatives. 


I have also been fortunate to meet a lot of stellar talent throughout my career and I continue to partner with colleagues whose knowledge, skills and expertise I can draw upon, as appropriate, in any engagement to ensure that every client gets what they need to be their best.


As a Virtual Effectiveness Driver I bring my experience as a leader, educator and transformation specialist to support individuals and organizations in increasing their virtual effectiveness by using strategies and methods that are an amalgamation of nearly 20 years experience in virtual collaboration with clients, colleagues and leaders.


And, since 2009, I do it all from my home office on my family's cattle ranch in Southeastern British Columbia, Canada. If I can do it virtually, so can you! I look forward to helping you achieve the full potential of your virtual workplace.


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