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With the most distant places within easy reach why does it feel so difficult to build a connection? It doesn't have to be that way.  


If you feel frustrated, defeated, overwhelmed or at a loss for how to change things for the better when you think of your virtual interactions, then I can help you meet, learn, communicate and lead for improved results.

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  • Our virtual learning just isn't engaging people.

  • Our learning satisfaction scores and retention rates are low.

  • People new to our organization seem lost and take a long time to become productive.

  • My emails often don't provoke action or they seem to get ignored or misunderstood.

  • My audience doesn't pay attention during presentations.

  • I feel disconnected from my team.

  • I don't know how to monitor performance when I can't see the person working.

  • I feel like my team has no cohesion. Everyone is going off in their own direction and they don't seem to know or care what the rest of the team is doing. 

  • My team is dissatisfied and demotivated.

  • I find it difficult to build trust remotely.

  • Collaboration is very difficult when we aren't all in the same room. 

  • My team meetings are a struggle. I can't get anyone to talk or participate. Or, the same two people do all the talking.

  • People constantly ask for questions to be repeated - I feel like they aren't paying attention.

  • People use my meetings to catch up on their email.

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Making your virtual interactions more effective doesn't have to be difficult.


Small changes in the way you use your technology, structure your meetings and communications, share your ideas and/or design your learning can make a big difference to productivity and engagement. 


Being effective virtually requires adjustments, but that doesn't mean it's difficult, just different. 

The biggest mistake you can make when beginning a virtual relationship is to assume that your previously successful face-to-face approach is going to be effective in a virtual setting. 

Lynette almost literally takes you by the hand and instills this sense of competence in you, ensuring the experience is enjoyable for you. She goes well beyond the technical “how to’s” and creates almost a sense of belonging.


Janon Hamel




Are you a virtual leader? 


If you don't see all of your team members every day then you're a virtal leader.

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