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Build and Lead

Are you struggling to be effective with your virtual colleagues?


  • I only see some of my team members once or twice a year and I'm not able to build a good rapport with them in that amount of time.

  • I find it hard to build trust remotely.

  • Some of my team seems to get how to interact well virtually but others are having a difficult time and I don't know how to level the playing field.

  • Rumour is that I'm playing favourites with some of the people on the team (particularly those that are in the same city as me) but I'm not! What do I do?

  • How can I monitor or manage performance with remote employees?

  • How can I give constructive feedback remotely without coming across like a jerk?

  • I don't know if my team is getting anything done!

  • My team are a bunch of lone wolves. We're wasting time duplicating work that is already done and missing opportunities for efficiencies because we don't communicate with each other.

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