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Your tools


The tools you use are an important part of being virtually effective and just about any tool will do. You don't have to have the latest, fanciest, most tricked out tool to be effective but you should try to learn how to use the tools at your disposal to their full capacity otherwise you're wasting your time and money not to mention it's an easy way to improve your virtual effectiveness.


The easiest way to learn anything is to challenge yourself to learn something new each week. Most vendors provide good 'how to' pages and job aids to support your learning. There are a few popular ones listed on the right to help you speed up your discovery. 


I can also help your 'discover' your meeting and communication tools whether they're new or you've had them for awhile. Just let me know what tool you use and if I don't already know it intimately I will work with the vendor to learn it on my own time so that I can not only help you learn it but integrate its features into your Virtual Effectiveness package to make sure you're getting the most out of your tools in all facets of it whether you're striving to improve how you meet, learn, communicate or lead.


The key to using any tool effectively is not about the tool but about the behaviour of the people using the tool and that's how I'll help you get the most out of your tools, by helping you use it effectively.

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