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Avatar-based environments aren't necessary to be virtually effective but they're a great way to up your game in terms of virtual learning or meeting, particularly if you have large programs you want to roll out or geographically dispersed groups that need to do a lot of collaborating or team building.


I like Avayalive Engage because it's easy to use and it's business focussed, but the design concepts contained within the workshops below would translate to any virtual environment.


If you've recently purchased a virtual environment, congratulations! Virtual Effectiveness can help you get up and running quickly.

Or, if you're considering purchasing a virtual environment then I'd be happy to share my insights and experiences to help you in your decision-making. 

Avayalive Engage Services


Avayalive Engage is an exceptional tool to use if you want to provide virtual learning experience that is 'the next best thing to face-to-face' (or so participants tell me). It's easy to use and easy to learn; if you want to get to a deeper level more quickly then Virtual Effectiveness can help out. I have 5 years experience using this platform and have introduced over 7000 users to it for a wide variety of activies including meetings, conferences, team building, corporate orientation, kick-off sessions, coaching, and over 30 different learning offerings. 

Avayalive Engage Design Workshop


Want to design your courseware or meeting content to use Avayalive Engage to its fullest potential? This workshop will help you look beyond traditional presentation development to see the potential for participant engagement that is possible on this platform. 

Avayalive Engage Facilitation Workshop


Are you a good presenter in person but haven't quite figured out how to optimize participation in your virtually facilitated sessions yet? This workshop can help you look at your facilitation and the platform in a different way and help your participants get more out of their time with you.


Getting New Participants Participating Workshop


Is your organization new to Avayalive Engage? If you want to get your new participants up and running as quickly as possible this immersive workshop in the environment can help you better understand the participant's perspective and what you need to do to decrease their time to being an effective participant. Includes a script that you can use when ramping up your own participants.

Support Presence for First Run Session and/or New Facilitators


Feel like you need a safety net the first few times you teach that class or run a meeting? Not sure of all the functionality yet but want to ensure participants get the fullest experience possible? A Virtual Effectiveness representative can attend your session and help ensure your success. 

Instructional Design Consulting on Existing or New Content


Do you have existing content that you'd like to optimize for Avayalive Engage? Have you written something intended for the Engage platform but want an experienced Engage facilitator and content designer to review your content to ensure you've maximized the platforms potential for your participants?

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