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We all have challenges in our daily work lives. When meeting virtually it can be easy to accept your frustrations and blame the technology for issues you're having, but in reality every meeting location/platform has it's challenges. Don't let ANY challenge be an excuse for not making the MOST of your advantages. 


Face-to-face meeting challenges:

  • Phone doesn't work

  • No LAN cable or LAN connection

  • Whiteboard is full with 'please leave on'

  • Flipcharts are missing or used

  • No markers or markers are out of ink

  • Table is littered with 'leftovers' from previous meetings

  • Room isn't big enough

  • Not enough chairs

  • No projector available/projector doesn't work/connect

  • Plug-ins aren't conveniently located


Phone-only meeting challenges:

  • Poor connection/can't hear well

  • Long pauses

  • People talking on mute

  • People talking overtop of each other

  • Can't see what people are referring to in 'real time'

  • Can't see the other person

  • Hold music

  • No mute and background noise

Desktop sharing meeting challenges:

  • Connection quality is poor

  • Technology won't load

  • Have to do an install

  • Don't have a headset

  • Audio setup - can't hear/be heard

  • Delays while the screen loads at different rate for each participant

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