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Effective meetings can be a challenge even when everyone is in the same room. Too often people think that meetings are about just showing up but this approach can lead to a lot of wasted time and minimal results.

A Different Kind of Meeting Approach provides a meeting structure where everyone participates, leaves feeling like their time was well spent and knows exactly what they're supposed to do next.


Virtual Effectiveness can help you drive a structured and well thought out approach to virtual meetings with the types of goals and outcomes required in order to enable a successful virtual experience.

effective virtual meetings

Do you know how to make the most of your virtual advantages?


All too often we look at virtual meetings as our 'second-best' option. We like to meet in person because it's what we're used to doing so it doesn't require us to adapt ourselves to work in an unfamiliar space or platform. But, if used to their potential, virtual meetings can offer you many advantages:


  • Save money (travel)

  • Save time (commuting)

  • Enables multiple layers of communication available simultaneously (verbal, visual, textual)

  • Everyone has a whiteboard marker in their hand at all times

  • Eliminates uncertainty - share immediately rather than waiting for face-to-face opportunities

  • Faster, more informed decision making - immediate access to resources regardless of location

  • Ease of sharing (no projector required, no need to send or download files)

  • Immediate feedback and informed discussion on content and concepts

  • Empowers personal productivity decisions (e.g. where to work) 

  • Improves virtual team cohesion/team building

Still not sure whether making changes are necessary?
Team Building
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