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  • Lynette Van Steinburg

Keep it Simple: Virtual Survival Tactics 3

Learning how to achieve a high level of comfort and productivity in a virtual landscape takes

time and practice. Here are a few general things to get you started on the road to improving your virtual experience.

Do more

  • Say thank you - acknowledge effort and reward success

  • Socialize - keep your team bond strong

  • Communicate - ask questions, listen to others, call your team mates to discuss work socially, keep it simple, give status updates, ask what others are doing

  • Pick up the phone - intonation often adds clarity; hearing a voice reminds you you're not alone (team building)

  • Share your thoughts and reactions - normally we share these things through body language, now you need to consciously share them

  • Ask for clarification if you aren't 100% sure

  • Follow through and do what you say you're going to do when you're going to do it

  • Acknowledge communications even if it's to say "I can't get to this until Friday"

  • Be consistent - communications, behaviours, information sharing, etc.

  • Cut yourself some slack - the world just changed…everywhere! You’re allowed some adjustment time

Do less

  • Make assumptions - these are the path to miscommunication and misunderstanding

  • Wait to speak up - you no longer have body language to convey your message

  • Work in a silo - it's easy to feel isolated

  • Long winded emails - short and simple gets more action

Review these at the end of each day or each week and ask yourself how you can implement them to better effect in the coming days.

Coming Soon - Leaders how-to: virtual edition

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