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Virtual Effectiveness Services


All services are customized to work within your culture while simultaneously helping you adapt that culture to be more effective in a virtual setting. Services are offered in packages to help guide you through a successful evolution once an initial assessment of the environment is done.  

Discovery Sessions


Discovery sessions are aimed at assessing your current virtual effectiveness. They can be useful in a few different ways.

  1. Perhaps you want an idea of how you're doing at being virtually effective before you commit to expending time or money on making changes. An early assessment can give you an idea of how much work you have to do.

  2. At the beginning of any work we do together it's best to do a baseline assessment of where you're at and what your particular needs are. This might involve a discussion with you, my attendance in a meeting or class you're facilitating, and/or a discussion with your team.

  3. After we've already done some work together and you've been going it on your own for awhile you may feel like you've hit a plateau; a review can help you recharge your energy and get your momentum going again by providing you with some objective feedback and next steps. 




Virtual Effectiveness Workshops are designed to flesh out problems, share strategies, set expectations and drive change. Workshops length and frequency vary based on topic and audience size. Workshop examples include: Virtual Meeting Strategy, Tool Usage, Team Building, Team Ground Rules, Virtual Instructional Design, Avatar-based Learning, Virtual Facilitation, Remote Communications, and more. Workshop topics will be recommended based on your stated and discovered needs.




Much of the changes that need to be made to be virtually effective are behavioural changes. Some of these are straightforward, like using a certain feature in a desktop sharing tool, but others require introspection and self-management to master which can be more challenging and time consuming. Each business culture, team and individual responds to different tools and techniques in a different way. Coaching offers you the opportunity to develop your skills at your own speed with the support you need to be successful.


Behavioural change is all about time and reinforcement to change your current habits. When combined with Discover Sessions and Workshops, Coaching can help ensure you meet the goals you set yourself.


Package Potential


Here are some examples of groups that might benefit from a package.


  • New project team that is struggling with remote meetings

  • Geographically dispersed team who is struggling to stay connected

  • Group of Leaders looking to improve their virtual leadership skills

  • A team or facilitator new to a virtual platform looking to implement effective behaviours

  • An individual leader who is looking to improve their virtual leadership skills and connection to their team

  • Instructional designer or facilitator who is looking to change their approach to virtual instruction
  • An individual contributor looking to improve their virtual connections and capabilities

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