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The importance of effective communications cannot be over-estimated when working with remote colleagues.


Long, complicated or misunderstood communications lead to lost time and negative relationship consequences. You might not even realize that you're creating communications that are challenging for others, but if you've heard or experienced some of the pain points listed below you should consider increasing your virtual effectiveness when it comes to communications.


  • low trust

  • increased frustration

  • demotivation

  • decreased productivity

  • unstable team cohesion

  • inaccurate actions


  • increased trust

  • clear actions

  • productivity

  • improved performance

  • increased collaboration

  • accountability

  • faster response time

  • eliminates uncertainty

  • increased engagement

The Directed Reference Method can help you write effective emails and create impactful presentations. Give your message the platform it deserves.


Virtual Effectiveness can help you develop a more thoughtful approach to your communications.  

Not sure if you need to improve your communication skills with your team? Consider the potential risks that can be driven by poor or misunderstood communications versus the rewards that can happen when you implement the Directed Reference Method for communications. 


Still not sure whether making changes are necessary?
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